Day + 60

Day + 60 today!  I had a follow up appointment this morning, a little dehydrated, but my labs look good.  I asked the nurse if they considered issues with my knee a set back.  I could see the look in her face that this could be.  At the allogeneic clinic today, I saw the dr in the hallway that was the on-call physician while I was in-patient.  He said he had spoken with my physician, and since the blood cultures showed no growth, I may have to see a rheumatologist.  I have an appointment on Monday, June 25th to get my stitches removed.  I’m really hoping it won’t be too painful.

On a more personal note, while I’ve been battling this awful disease, I want to make a promise that I will live my life to the fullest.  I need to enjoy all of these moments.   Remembering to be grateful that we only have one life to live.  I promise to be more patient.  There’s absolutely no rush in life.  I realized how fast life moves, just by watching how fast Mason has grown.  All of his little cuddles and kisses will fade.


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