Feeling a little lonely today….

A little Snapchat fun to keep my mind occupied.  Everyone seems so busy with their lives while I sit here and wait.   I’m here to live another day, but I miss my normal life.   Today my family’s taking my son to the circus.    I feel like I’m missing out on these very important memories with them.  Wish I could see the face of my son as he watches the circus for the very first time.   I miss him so much and really can’t wait to be reunited in his tiny little arms around me.    I fell in the shower yesterday and the old lady pains are starting to show up in my body.   My lower back and butt are achy. So now I’m considered a high falls risk patient.   They’ll be setting a bed alarm on me.   :/

#stellastrong #kickincancersbutt #leukemiasucks


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